First, this: #SELFIE by The Chainsmokers

Key words: selfie, new ear butas, mainit, Easter, mainit, mainit, mainit, buti aircon sa mall

Drawn by @reinancntw and finished by me. (For our anniversary 2 weeks ago, not V-day.) But today is as good a time as any to post it. Happy Hearts Day everybody! I hope good vibes were everywhere.

I obviously didn’t draw this because I do not sit back and watch him play games in real life… nor do I wish to. This is probably some sort of fantasy drawing. Yes. Haha.


Ang magpost ng bed pic, malandi.

[At tulad ng sabi ni Lorde]
That kind of lux just ain’t for us
We crave a different kind of buzz

Pen and ink. Then a lot of boredom-induced Photoshopping of textures and colors.

All Alone! Whether you like it or not,
Alone will be something you’ll be quite a lot.
- Dr. Seuss

Commissioned by a friend, in the name of love. Lol

Paper Star Princess

My first-ever exhibit piece!

Our exhibit, 11:11, was wish-themed, and each exhibitor had to create an artwork based on a wishing object. I got Paper Stars.

If the girl in the picture is familiar, well, yup, it’s fan art. When I was a little kid there was this animated movie we had on VHS that I loved, and watched over and over again: Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland. It was actually very dreamlike, and maybe, being a dream-and-nightmare-prone kid (I can actually still remember many of my childhood dreams) I felt as if I could relate.

It was only in college that I found out that 1.) it’s a Japanese-American film, which explains the weirdness, and 2.) it’s based on a comic strip thing by Winsor McCay (imagine the feeling of wonder I had, coming across it in the school library).

So this girl, who holds your wishes in her hands, is from the movie. She’s the daughter of King Morpheus (who is jolly and Santa Claus-ish), and her name is Princess Camille. (This is wonderful to me, as I’m not a big fan of my own name.)

This artwork is a homage to the movie, which was a big part of my childhood along with Little Mermaid and Sailor Moon and such. Even if, nowadays, whenever I ask people about it, they assume I’m talking about Finding Nemo. The art style is also a homage, sort of, to the magical girl genre that took root in millions of imaginations back then, including mine.

So thanks, Mr. Winsor McCay, and thanks to the makers of the movie; your dreams won’t stop sparkling until we all forget.

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Anonymous asked:

Great artworks! I know you're one step closer to your dreams. Keep inspiring us through your works Ms. Camille!


Thank you very, very, very much! <3

Can’t take a good enough picture, so this. Just to remember tonight’s Bella Luna and her super-bright (as usual) friend, Venus.

For the people still looking for their loved ones, because I can imagine no worse torture. :(


An Adolescent Anthology. Poems and fiction. English/Filipino

Hi! Talaisipan is now on Issuu. We were required to do a book layout in Typography class, et voilà!

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